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Dietary Information

USDA Organic, EU Organic.

How to use

The Urban Spice Shop Organic Cumin powder comes in a glass shaker so you can instantly sprinkle your Cumin fresh. Organic Cumin whole is warm, earthy flavor with a bit of both sweetness and bitterness mixed in with a fresh mint hint. Great with gamey meats such as goat, lamb or venison. Gives great depth to vegetables and dipping sauces. Especially great in middle eastern and South Asian cusine. Do not place directly over hot steam.

About Product

High Quality Cumin powder is sourced from India. Carefully selected to ensure great taste. Comes in a recyclable glass shaker.



Our Organic Cumin powder is highly aromatic, with a warm, earthy flavor with a bit of both sweetness and bitterness mixed in with a fresh mint hint. An essential ingredient in any kitchen.




Organic Cumin Powder


Storage Guidelines


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Do not place directly over hot steam.


Cooking & Preparation


Apply Organic Cumin to suit the flavour requirements of your palette.


Certifications & Endorsements


USDA Organic, EU Organic.


About the Brand


Our Organic Certified Spices have won the hearts of many chefs. HIGH FLAVOUR, GREAT AROMA and FRESHNESS are some of the many reasons why Chefs choose The Urban Spice Shop. Our High-Quality ingredients are abundant in flavour and this means you need to use smaller quantities in your cooking. Most of our spices are directly sourced from Asia, this means they travel straight from the Country of Origin, preserving the freshness.


About the Store


The Urban Spice Shop was established with the intention of providing customers with high quality organic spices sourced from around the world. The Urban Spice Shop strives to bring the best out of the spices we serve, tantalizing your senses and enhancing your culinary experience. All our spices are carefully sourced and packed, ensuring that the natural flavor and freshness is guaranteed.