The Kettle Gourmet (Gourmet Popcorn) (Gift box set 65gx6)

  • $36.90
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The Kettle Gourmet is a popcorn manufacturer and distributor that serves freshly hand-baked popcorn with
unique localized flavors. Serving thousands of satisfied customers daily and bringing joy to every corner of Singapore. With innovation the opportunities around our snack monsters and popcorn are endless.

The king of all crab dishes. Chilli Crab is among Singapore’s well-known culinary inventions. Loved by Singaporeans, our Chilli Crab secret is in the 'sauce' – a tangy flavour combined with the succulent flesh of the
stir-fried crab. The Kettle Gourmet’s Chilli Crab is your answer to some crazy and 'kan cheong' fun. Spicy, crunchy, popping goodness your mom probably doesn’t approve of. But who really cares.

Loved by Singaporeans, our crispy Chicken Floss snack is baked until golden brown. The alluring flavour profile will linger on your taste bud and leave you wanting for more! The Kettle Gourmet’s Chicken Floss will bring about the change you need to perk you up. It's not about being fussy but knowing what you want. Fluffy and crunchy popping goodness to live your life with a little spunk and attitude.

One of Singapore’s breakfast favorite, Kaya Butter Toast is a simple snack of toasted slices of bread sandwiching silky smooth butter and a rich spread of sweet creamy kaya, a traditional jam made of coconut
and eggs. The Kettle Gourmet’s Kaya Butter Toast will melt the heart of the hardest hearts. Sweet, crunchy, popping goodness your frenemy probably thought you’re just nuts. But who really cares.

Having its roots in the Malay cuisine, Nasi Lemak is a creamy, coconut-milk-infused rice dish with an aromatic pandan smell that is traditionally served with fried ikan bilis, peanuts, eggs, cucumber slices, and sambal (spicy chili paste). The Kettle Gourmet’s Nasi Lemak reminisce your fondest memories. Savoury, crunchy, popping goodness your buddy probably thought you’re just being emo. But who really cares.

Sweet oh sweet caramel. Caramel and savoury salt come together in perfect harmony creating a delicacy that is bound to satisfy you! The Kettle Gourmet’s Salted Caramel will let your days go by without guilt. Sweet, salty, popping goodness you wish your day never ends. Dream on.

Coated in chocolate glaze, these chocolate popcorns are designed for chocolate lovers like you, for a whole new popcorn experience. Enjoy its chocolaty taste in every bite! The Kettle Gourmet’s Chocolate will trigger your endorphins and ignite your love – an unavoidable endeavour. Smooth, scrumptious, popping goodness the way you love it.