Specific Gravity Mixed pack 330ml (Craft Lager, Wheat Beer, Classic IPA, Golden Ale)

  • $23.90
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1.From the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road to the vibrant New Town hawker centres, from the relaxing beaches of Sentosa to the hip enclave of Tiong Bahru, from the dynamic luxury of Marina Bay to the durian stalls of Geylang. Singapore is as unique as the neighborhoods and people who call it home.

2.In a country that endlessly debates who makes better curry puffs or char kway teow or burgers why is “our” beer a mass-produced lager that’s pretty much the same as every other mass-produced lager all over the world?

3.At reunion dinners with the family, football with friends, or in the pub after work, you can be pretty sure that your uncle won’t mind a beer that’s a bit bolder, a bit different, a bit more special and neither will your old NS buddy or boss for that matter.

4.Sure, Singapore has had craft beers for ages but it seems like to get one, you had to make a special effort or pay an arm and a leg. Even then, some of the beers may have tasted a lot like or maybe worse than one of the mass-produced brands. Or they may have been hazy, hoppy, high in alcohol, and sour, without the drinkability and refreshment beer can provide.

5.At SGBC we believe beer should be special but also tasty and accessible and as Singapore craft beer pioneers, the SGBC founders know they can deliver. Over 20 years ago, they started a small brewery inside a Singapore shopping mall. From this unique riverside location, they introduced several generations to beer styles like IPA, Golden Ale, Wheat Beer, Pilsner, and Oatmeal Stout. And their efforts were not just popular in the Little Red Dot but came to be recognized the world over earning them a jam-packed trophy case full of awards including a gold and a bronze at the World Beer Cup, the Olympics of beer competitions.

6.With this proven pedigree, SGBC has set out to define what a modern-day SG craft beer should be by using the finest malt, real hops, and live yeast and employing artisanal techniques and the same passion, skill, and devotion to quality they’ve shown since the early days of Singapore microbreweries. But this time around, you’ll be able to find our premium beers throughout the island for distinguished drinking specially crafted for you.