Seifuku IMUGE 720ml/37% (Japanese Sake) (Exclusive on Aisles and Tiles)

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During the Ryukyu Kingdom dynasty, working-class locals brewed their own alcohol. 

Using sweet potatoes, they distilled a homemade liquor called Imuge. 

In 1899, new laws made homebrewing illegal, and was no longer produced. More than a century later, it is being revived as IMUGE.

Brewed only using Okinawan sweet potatoes and brown sugar, the amount, quality, and variety of local products increases. 

A successful agricultural industry leads to a successful processing industry, and they both lead to a prosperous life for the local population. 

In this way, IMUGE. can help revitalize the community.

IMUGE, which is a revival of phantom sake with modern technology, has a sweet and profound taste characterized by the rich flavor of sweet potatoes and the gorgeous aroma of powdered brown sugar. 

For best taste enjoy on the rocks.

Aged longer then it's 25% counterpart, making it the most exquisite drink in the IMUGE series

Contents: 720ml
ABV: 37%
Ingredient: Okinawa sweet potato , Malted Japanese rice, Powdered Okinawa brown sugar