PROCIAN Glucosamine for dogs (300mgx100 Pallets) (100% Made in Japan)

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This product contains SAM-e yeast known for its cartilage formation capabilities, MSM marine collagen peptide, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients necessary to promote healthy joints and cartilage generation!

Recommended for dogs who live in environments with hardwood floors, dogs more than 7 years old with weakened joints, and dogs with weakened liver functions.

Glucosamine for dogs, processed yeast (containing S-Adenosyl methionine)

Raw materials: glucosamine, processed yeast (containing S-Adenosyl methionine), Methylsulfonylmethane, shark cartilage extract (standard of 70% chondroitin sulfate), Fish collagen peptide, olive leaf extract (standard of 20% hydroxytyrosol), vegetable oil containing vitamin E, cellulose, reduced maltose syrup, dextrin, stearic acid

Nutrition facts: crude protein: over 20%; crude fat: over 0.8%; crude fiber: under 16.8%; crude mineral: under 2%; water: under 8%

Feeding guide : See the chart below for daily recommended feeding amount, and divide into 2 portions to mix into morning and evening meals. For 45kg and above, add 1 pellet for every 5kg.

Content volume:36g(300mg x120 pellets)
Origin of country: Japan

Clinical trial data paper (excerpt)

The graph shows the cartilage cell extracted from an old cow, and the study was done with SAM-e and glucosamine. SAM-e was shown to be equally effective as, or more effective than, glucosamine at only 1/1000 of the amount. Additionally, SAM-e displayed a phenomenal synergy effect when taken with glucosamine.
Glucosamine 5ng/ml alone showed 6% improvement, and SAM-e 0.0052ng/ml alone showed a 9% improvement. When the same dosage amount of glucosamine and SAM-e were administered, the improvement amount was not the sum of 15%: it went up to 25%. Therefore, there was an additional 10% improvement from the synergy effect.
Compared to glucosamine alone, this 25% improvement really is four times more effective.
Also, when the dosage of SAM-e was increased for the test, a synergy effect that surpassed the summation was shown.