PROBIO CAT 45Grams (Probiotics for Cats) (100% Made in Japan)

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PROBIO CAT has been very popular among veterinary clinics, etc., and we have now included natural additive-free bonito powder in Probio CAT to make it easy for cats who are fussy eaters. As a daily guide, please give 1g (one scoop with the supplied spoon).

For Symptoms:

・Atopic dermatitis ・Allergy
・Liver/Kidney problems
・Skin problems ・Loss of fur / dull coat
・Diarrhea etc..

Cats are said to have a tendency to develop kidney and liver problems.
Probio CAT supports kidney and liver functions, and facilitates their stabilization.
By improving the functioning of the liver etc., and detoxifying harmful elements from the body, cats will be restored to health.
The ingredients of Probio CAT have undergone clinical trials on humans and their effectiveness on the kidney and liver has been proven