PROBIO CA Probiotics for Animals and Birds 60grams (Made in Japan)

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Additive-free fermented supplement (granule type)

Probio CA is a complex type of probiotics with about 150 kinds of good bacteria groups in an original blend, which is the largest number in Japan.

The bacteria groups surely reach the intestines, regulate their functions, and improve immunity and natural healing power.

PROBIO CA Additive-free fermented food item granule type

Raw materials: Fermented soy amino acid powder, NEM enzymes, Ultra-low molecular weight collagen, eggshell calcium, shellac

Nutrition facts ( per 60g)
Calories: 385 Kcal,
total fat:4.5g

Feeding guide (Recommended daily portion)
Birds and small animals: 1/10 of the daily meal.
Cats: Half packet (1g) per day.
Dogs:2 packets for larger dogs, and 1 packet for small-medium sized dogs.
Horses and Large animals: 10g per day.
(Because it is a food item, there are no side effects if your dog is given more than the regular portion size.)

Content volume:60g (1 packet 2g x 30 packets)
Origin of country : Japan
Storage method : Avoid placing in areas of direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity.

Clinical trial of Probio CA in humans

The ingredient of Probio CA has been through a clinical trial in humans, the positive effect on our bodies has been reported, and the safety has been proven.

Harmful substances from the body are detoxified and excreted through the liver and the kidneys, but the accurate increase of numbers for the liver and the kidneys has been proven.