PROBIO CA PLUS 100grams (Probiotics for pets) (100% Made in Japan)

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Probio CA PLUS has three times as much of the useful bacteria as the conventional Probio CA. By switching from divided power to bottled type, a natural ingredient called shellac that was required for divided powder does not have to be added anymore.
(To package it as divided powder, it needs to be granulated to prevent static electricity generation, etc.)

Since heat for including shellac no longer needs to be applied to the product, we can now offer it in a closer state to the raw material. (The effect is stronger accordingly, so we recommend new users of Probio CA start with the regular version.)

Raw materials: Fermented soy amino acid powder, NEM enzymes,
Ultra-low molecular weight collagen, eggshell calcium

Nutrition facts ( per 100g):Calories: 375 Kcal, water:5.6g, Protein:36g, total fat:3.8g, suger:24.7g, Fiver:30.9g, ash:7.1g, sodium:35.2mg, calcium

Feeding guide (Recommended daily portion)
Birds and small animals: 1/10 of the daily meal.
Cats: 1g per day.
Dogs: Approx. 3-4g for medium and large sized dogs, 2g for small sized dogs per day.
Horses and Large animals: 10g per day.
(Because it is a food item, there are no side effects if your dog is given more than the regular portion size.)

Content volume:100g
Origin of country: Japan
Storage method: Avoid placing in areas of direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity

Regarding soy and egg allergies

The raw material eggshell calcium is decomposed into low molecules (peptide) in the production process, and it is no longer an ingredient of an egg that is concerned to be an allergen, so animals with egg and soy allergies can also use the product.  
If you are worried, please start with a small amount.