Keiryu Daiginjo 38 (Ultra Premium) 720ml

  • $113.33
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Fruity Ginjo aroma with smooth flavour, little dry. Used 1801 yeast with strong aroma was used in cold long period fermentation. Long finish.

Banana bread with Cream Cheese and Pastry aromas. Lime zest and passion fruit. A refreshing and elegant style. Smooth and juicy. Very expressive with tantalising acidity play.

Smooth, Crisp, Easy to drink, yet memorable. This is their entry into the Japan New Sake Competition. Good with Sashimi and Carpaccio. Good Chilled and at room temperature.

IWC Gold Medal 2018
IWC Silver Medal 2016
International Quality Institute Gold Medal winner 6 years
Monde Selection Gold Medal Winner 10 years in a row.