Brass Lion Barrel Age

  • $125.88
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Launched in 2018, Brass Lion Distillery is Singapore’s first full-fledged micro-distillery offering a selection of high-quality craft spirits using local ingredients.

As Brass Lion extends its innovation and await for their whisky to age and sleep in the distillery. Brass lion has taken advantage of the extra cask to age their flagship Singapore Dry Gin and make an excellent barrel-aged spirits. A couple of months later, they were proven right! Proudly presenting the IWSC Gold award-winning Brass Lion Barrel Aged Gin.

This wood-kissed spirit aims to please with its warm, smooth profile complemented by underlying vanilla and caramel notes.

Great to sip on the rocks, or as a Negroni!

Tasting Notes

Sweet and spicy with notes of caramel and vanilla

Nose Engaging rye notes mingle elegantly with citrus blossom, juicy lemon and delicate vanilla

Palate Brightly floral palate, with an interplay of dancing gin, bourbon characteristics and a strong backbone of juniper

Finish Sensationally integrated sweet spicy finish