BIO 9 (52Grams) (Intestinal care for longevity in dogs starting from age nine)

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Spore-bearing healthy bacteria which reach all way to the bowels, unheated collagen, oligosaccharides which produce healthy bacteria.
During production, okara (the residue left after tofu-making) provides the protein necessary for fermentation. Other ingredients are also natural substances, fit for humans and giving peace of mind; absolutely NO ADDITIVES ARE USED

Original PROBIOTICS which put dogs’ intestinal healthy in order. 150 different types of healthy bacteria — the maximum in Japan — that will reach all the way to the bowels.

PREBIOTICS which help grow healthy bacteria within the intestines. Oligosaccharides are added to the mix, further activating proper intestinal conditions.

High-quality collagen for medical use
Add to that the ultra-low molecular weight collagen, drawn out through water, without any heating. The body's skin, hair, bones, and internal organs naturally contain a high level of collagen, which supports health as well as protecting against disease.