BELGO RANGE OF BEER (1xBlonde, Amber, Session IPA, WIT, Pilsner, Triple Royale)

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Belgian blond beer with a rich
foam collar and a fruity bouquet
brewed with two different kinds
of malt, two aromatic varieties of
hops and one secret herb that
gives the beer its inimitable taste

Highly drinkable Belgian beer
with light notes of caramel, dried
fruit, bread and toffee. Medium
white silky head, unfiltered.

This refreshing beer will charm you
with its unique character. Brewed
with kumquat, Persian lime, cumin,
and a careful selection of hops and
malts to create the perfect balance
between the fruitiness and tartness.
This is the perfect thirst-quencher
on a hot day.

Session IPA:
Session IPA is low alcohol but a
full IPA taste beer. Using 5 different
hops to create a tropical and
citrus fruit taste, combined with
typical Belgian malt sweetness to
optimise and round the bitterness,
this American classic embraces
the Belgian way.

Royale: Top fermented abbey-style beer with a natural haze and creamy head. Robust and balanced flavours with notes of ripe pineapple, peach, banana and delicate spices bouquet.

Artisan Pilsner:
Light yet balanced Pilsner combining
a crispy and refreshing mouth feel
with clean malt sweetness, finishing
on a subtle note of spice and herbal
hop bitterness.