Monk’s Stout Dupont (24x330ml)

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TheBrasserie Dupont is a former farm dating back to 1759. In 1844, it became theRimaux-Derrider farm-brewery, specializing in the production of honey and“Saison” (season) beers, so called because the farm-breweries produced thistype of beer in winter for consumption on the fields in summer. In 1920, agronomist, Louis Dupont, was planning to buy a farm in Canada. Todissuade him from doing so, his father Alfred Dupont bought him thisfarm-brewery. Louis Dupont gave us a new take on the basic “Saison” recipe,known today by the name Saison Dupont.Our philosophy is to make optimal use of technology while maintaining thetraditional production processes linked to the history of our brewery.


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