F*cking Hell 355ml (Craft Beer)

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In the year 1070a man by the name of Adalpert von Vucckingen settled in what is now UpperAustria. Others flocked around him and this little congregation was eventuallynamed Fucking – the name being derived from its founder Adalpert von Vuckingen(Austrian records actually use “flock” as an official classification).And the people of Fucking do enjoy their lager beer. So, what could be moreappropriate than dedicating a lager beer to Fucking?

The word”Hell” describes the type of beer. There are many varieties of Germanand Austrian beers and two common words to describe them are “Hell”,which is the word for “light”. This would stand for light in colour(pale ale or lager) and “Dunkel” which is the word for”dark”, thus dark beer.

FuckingHell beer adheres to the proud and trusted brewing traditions and customs usedthroughout Germany and Austria.


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